Sunday, 27 February 2011

Week In Review: Triple H and Undertaker Return!

This week has saw some very interesting and foolish things from both TNA and WWE, first topic on the agenda is Monday Night Raw and the return of the Undertaker, Triple H and a very non PG John Cena.

Monday night saw John Cena reply to the tongue in cheek promo by The Rock last week, which managed to bury Cena, The Miz and anyone who has attempted to impress with the microphone in the last seven years since we last saw The Rock. Yet that was last week this is this week. My thoughts on the promo are only going to be positive, after last week Cena needed to reply and if he kept to his cookie cutter image it would have made him look weak compared to the giant The Rock is/was. So the return of the rapper side of Cena really helped make him look Bad-Ass as well as give him the aura of an Attitude Era superstar which will be much needed if he has to compete with The Rock on the micro-phone again. My only problem with this was that it made me want to see more of it and that just isn't going to happen while the company stays PG, yet you have to remember back in 1996/97 time WCW was PG as well and they never seemed childish. By the way there is no chance in hell this back and forth between The Rock and John Cena will build up into a match, The Rock has even said he will never wrestle again.

Next up is the fact that Triple H vs The Undertaker has been officially made for Wrestlemania 27. Its not Michaels/Taker 3 but in a way it could be. This is going to be the third part of a trilogy, put it this way Triple H will want vengeance for the death of Michaels in ring career and also want to prove for himself that he can beat the streak. We can pretty much accept that Michaels will have some involvement in the match whether it will be as a referee or outside enforcer. The problem I have is that there is unfinished business for 'Taker and Triple H. Undertaker has the Nexus well Wade Barret anyway, and also Kane. I want to see Kane/Taker as much as I want to see Michael Cole have an interview segment (that actually sounds like fun). However I can forgive the lack of continuous on the Undertaker side of things as Triple H kick started this thing before The Undertaker could say anything. My big problem is that are we supposed to completely forget about the Sheamus feud? The man who has been credited to ending Hunters career came out the segment after in his stupid King costume which makes him look like some sort of Conan reject and never acknowledged anything to do with HHH nor did any of the commentators.

The state of the burial of Sheamus is unforgivable, the fact that this man has built himself up into a decent in ring competitor and now is stuck with this terrible gimmick well and truly a sorry state of affairs. In Sheamus they had a man who was pretty much accepted as a main event level wrestler even though he had beaten anyone of note clean. The only good news is as of Monday Night he seems to have a rivalry going with Daniel Brian.

3.3.11: That's right folks Undertaker is coming to iMPACT!!!! No wait hes not? So TNA ripped off an Undertaker promo to hype Sting? Oh because people thought it was Sting when the 22/2/11 promos started! I get it now TNA just wanted to fuck over the idiots who thought it was Sting back then. Wait a minute? They were mocking WWE? So they mocked WWE for creating a promo that caught peoples attention and created such a buzz on the Internet that it got them thousands maybe millions of more viewers. Despite TNA's efforts to publicly embarrass itself time and time again at least they did manage to sign Sting, maybe they won't blow whatever angle they have planned for him by I don't know giving him the title on his first match back.

Mistico has officially signed a WWE contract to massive hype from WWE itself. Originally it seemed like Mistico would report to FCW shortly, but from the hype WWE are giving the man I can't see how they won't put him straight onto one of the rosters right after Wrestlemania. I have to admit I doubt Mistico now Sin Cara would have handled being treated like everyone else if he went down to FCW. The mexican superstar (literally) has a reputation for being a diva and also has a history with Alberto Del Rio (neither man like each other).

So that pretty much wraps things up for this weekends review few quick notes on Smackdown. Dusty Rhodes turned heel to help Cody against Mysterio and that's about it. Ring Of Honor had its 9th Anniversary Show last night, you have a full review coming soon.

Remember you can follow me on Twitter for updates on the blog at @M_Kondratiuk and now I will leave with the video of the week which features highlights of Mistico from CMLL and his other adventures down in Mexico.

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